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Unlock Powerful Energy Savings

Parsons Powers Park is an independent power producer. We are working to construct a 150MW utility-scale solar park to provide competitively priced electricity directly to customers in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. With a focus on large power users, we assure competitive energy tariffs with zero up-front capital outlay.

How Does It Work?


Optimal Capacity Analysis

We calculate our customer’s unique electricity consumption requirements on an hourly basis over 365 days.


We calculate the exact economic impact on customer’s bottom line of existing electricity tariffs. We elaborate on future cost projections and tariff escalation scenarios.


Contracted Capacity PPA

Following a thorough load analysis, together with our customers, we decide on the ideal contracted capacity to be reserved at the power park.

For the duration of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), all of the energy generated by that contracted capacity will be transferred to the customer via the municipal distribution network as it's generated.

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Total Capacity On Offer

With the aim of building 150MW in total, phase one of Parsons Power Park will deliver 25MW of power to be distributed to customers connected to the Nelson Mandela Bay transmission network.

Multiple Off-takers

Parsons Power Park is able to deliver solar power simultaneously to multiple off-takers connected to the NMBM network. 

Wheeling of Power

Power is delivered (wheeled) over existing municipal infrastructure and is accounted for, as per the T&Cs of the NMBM wheeling regulations.


Capacity Expansion

Because Parsons Power Park is engineered to be expanded in multiple phases, we can grow the contracted capacity with our customer's future needs.


Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) will guarantee our customers the origin of the electricity purchased.

Competitive Tarrifs

We assure savings on monthly energy costs, with the added convenience of fixed or time-of-use tariffs. We customise tariff escalation regimes to individual customer needs, credit ratings, and consumption profiles.

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